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Existing installations

King Street Wharf
Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW
Owner: Waterways Marine Administration

Blackwattle Bay
Sydney Harbour, NSW
Owner: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Birkenhead Bridge Marina
Sydney Harbour, NSW
Owner: NSW Maritime Authority

Wesport Marina
Sydney Harbour, NSW
Owner: NSW Maritime Authority

The Spit Marina
Sydney Harbour, NSW
Owner: NSW Maritime Authority

Kangaroo Point
Broken Bay, NSW
Hornsby City Council

  PRISTINE is a cost-effective solution to:

1. Automatically record effluent disposal volumes by registered vessel
2. Analyse usage patterns to identify irregularities
3. Report pumpout usage by vessel for commercial costing and usage fees
4. Help deliver cleaner waterways

Computer Monitored Pumping

Effective and appropriate disposal of effluent from maritime vessels is of major importance to minimising the pollution of waterways.

Though many pumpout facilities exist, most do not keep track of which vessels are using the facilities, and the volume of effluent they are disposing of through the pumpout facility.
Though it is impossible to completely stamp out illegal dumping of effluent, commercial and high use vessels produce a certain level of effluent according to the voyages and operations they undertake.

Effective monitoring of the amount of effluent disposal of vessels allow waterway authorities the ability to track effluent levels, and any irregularities to their normal effluent disposal patterns. When vessels are aware that their effluent volumes are being tracked, there is much less likelihood of illegal dumping, which is a major contributor to waterway pollution.

A computer-based management system that provides automatic monitoring of usage is not only good for the environment, but also provides a mechanism for which a “user pays” scheme may be implemented by the company providing the pumpout facility.

Planet Engineering and Symmetry Innovations now provide a Waterside Effluent Pumping Management System that does just that.

PRISTINE provides a cost-effective means through which waterway authorities can readily gather effluent disposal volumes and patterns of registered vessels. Through the installation of PRISTINE's pump control and monitoring system, effluent disposal volumes for vessels are recorded automatically each time they use the pumpout facility – recording the date, time, and effluent volume. This information can be accessed through dial-up or Internet, and the PRISTINE system has the capability of remote control through such a connection, or even through SMS messaging through GSM. The information can be easily imported into whatever spreadsheet or database system is most convenient for the waterway authority.

“PRISTINE is leading edge technology that is playing a vital role in the NSW government’s commitment to the cleaning of the State’s waterways. The system is unique because it allows remote monitoring of boats using the pumpout and how much effluent is being collected.”

Leslie Brix-Nielsen, NSW Maritime Authority

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