Company Profile

Planet Engineering, was formed out of a need to provide assistance to businesses wanting to bid for work in an environment that demands supporting accreditation, documentation and quality Management Systems as pre-requisites of any response.

Planet Engineering
can identify, explain and respond to these requirements and assist you to prepare and submit a professional, compliant and well-structured response.

Not only do we remove the burden of preparing this response from your routine business engagements, but more importantly, we can significantly increase the chances of you winning the work.

Background and knowledge:

Planet Engineering boasts a broad variety of in-house experience and skills which is supported whenever necessary through the resources of a broad multi-skilled consultant base. Additionally our directors have:

Over 10 years combined experience in the NSW Government Public Service with extensive involvement in preparing tender documentation;
  Formal involvement in the preparation of tender documentation for the NSW Department of Planning, the Sydney Opera House and other government agencies, public and private companies; and
  Extensive experience in preparation of tender responses in all industry sectors.

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Using Planet Engineering will ensure that your tender will :
Be compliant in all aspects and therefore not rejected;
  Address all the evaluation criteria;
  Be submitted complete and on time; and
  Not include superfluous material likely to damage your chances of success.

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