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Criminal Offences

Ford Criminal Lawyers provide expert legal advice relating to the following matters:


Defending individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct is an extremely complex process. People arrested and facing criminal charges will find this process quite fearsome.

Criminal procedure puts the burden of proof on the prosecution to prove a person's guilt. Many lay people are unable to comprehend our criminal legal system. The procedures needed in getting the best possible result for a criminal matter require expert lawyers with extensive criminal law experience.

At Ford Criminal Lawyers we promise expert, competent, professional and specialist legal advice delivering the best results.

Arrest and Bail

Arrest and warrants must be executed in a lawful manner according to legislation. In R v Rhondo the court found, amongst other things, that arrest must be lawful as evidence gained from unlawful arrest will be deemed inadmissible as evidence. Should you have any query about arrest, consult one of our associates for legal advice.

Depending on the seriousness of the charges bought upon arrest a presumption for or against bail will be assessed. Should bail be refused you need to consult our professionals to quickly and carefully prepare your bail application.
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