Q‘Design & Advertising Pty Ltd

Q, firstly, specialises in packaging DESIGN. Strong imagery for fast moving consumer goods, particularly food & drink including brand development, associated conceptual design & some point of sale. Secondly; audio & motion graphics production for ADVERTISING media with some corporate identity & communications for select clients.

Q was originally founded by Rob Warren in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 1992 & following the 2001 move back home to Sydney, re-established Q in Balmain during 2002. At Q, the design lead and business manager are one in the same so you're always talking to the person closest to the job from every aspect. Rob has an enviable track record in this capacity with the consistently successful production of large scale FMCG design solutions for major UK PLCs & more recently, Australian equivalents. Q's reputation is a focused, passionate service known for innovative design solutions with visual impact, clear fast communication & attention to detail.

Following the move to Australia, RW freelanced with several of the prominent Sydney based packaging design companies to get a feel for the Australian market. With this knowledge & over 15 yrs experience, Rob is confident that Q offers international standard design with a service that competes favourably in Australian terms.

You may recognise some of the projects in the 'Recent' section of this site. This is updated from time to time with a small sample of past projects. Please feel free to 'Contact' us for more information.