Has your business expanded beyond your capacity to fund it?

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At First Fidelity we know what you are experiencing. We ... like you started as a small business in 1964. We have been there done that and now after 40 years of experience in funding rapid business expansion we can assist your business growth.

How can we help?

We will buy your invoices at a discount and collect the money when due from your customer. You free up more working capital.

Purchase Order Funding:
You have just won a big order, your bank won't fund your purchases. Your suppliers won't increase your credit limits. First Fidelity will fund your shortfall and collect it's funds advanced when you get paid.

Confirming House Finance:
You want to import a container load of stock or export a big order to a new customer. We will pay for the goods on your behalf and collect the funds advanced to your business when the goods arrive or under the contract terms.

Escrow Account:
You want to buy a new or second hand piece of equipment from an unknown supplier or seller. We act as an independent third party, hold the funds until you agree the equipment is as described and when both parties are in agreement release the funds to the seller or the title holder (bank, finance or lease company) and pass the title on to the buyer.

We also provide bridging finance and are lenders of last resort.

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